We recommend you to take due care in your Ademanta accessory’s use and handling to ensure its splendor is maintained over time. Should it be required, Ademanta offers you a portfolio of services that will ensure the excellent restoration of your precious items.

We endeavor to provide you with the highest standard of service with outstanding expertise and passion.

SIMPLE CLEANING: Simple Cleaning Removes impurities, fingerprints and dust from the surface of your item. We will be happy to assist you with this complimentary service.

ULTRASONIC CLEANING: This deep, thorough cleaning will remove any dirt and debris from the item, to bring out its perfect luster. This service cannot be performed on certain delicate gemstones.

REFURBISHING: Refurbishing restores the original brilliance and preciousness of your Ademanta item and eliminates any superficial scratches which includes polishing and cleaning. Some items are subject to rhodium plating, a precious metal that is layered on to bring back the original vivid white shine.

RESIZING: This service is available for some of our items. There are certain limitations to resize specific models due to their unique design. We can inform you about the resizing specifications for each model.

REPAIRS: Maintenance is recommended to extend the life of your fine items. Restore your Ademanta accessory to its full splendor by soldering or replacing any missing or damaged components, such as stones, clasps and clips. We will gladly assist you with any service your item requires.



  • Your Ademanta accessory is a precious and refined piece and proper care in its use and handling is required in order to keep its original magnificence over time.
  • Clean the item in warmish water and soap with a soft brush, excluding items with leather parts, which have to be cleaned with a soft cloth.
  • Keep the item in its original case and/or pouch after use. Always place the item on a soft surface.
  • Avoid contact with other accessories and other metal objects. The friction can deteriorate the item’s shine.
  • Avoid forcing clasps, joints and metal frames.
  • Prevent damage or loss of your accessory by storing it safely before practicing any physical activity.
  • If the item suffers a shock or hit, the setting of the stones (if any) may have to be checked to prevent their loss.
  • Avoid contact with perfume, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine.