Based in Geneva, ADEMANTA is a Swiss brand offering its creations worldwide.


We have always been passionate about military aeronautical vehicles of the past century. To go even further, we have made these engineering masterpieces a main source of inspiration. Ademanta’s present collections pay tribute to these marvelous vintage vehicles. 

Our men accessories have distinctive signature and are reflecting trends in fashion.

Our Designs are contemporary, fancy and timeless. Each of our creations are representing a particle of our independent spirit.


Our materials, including semi-precious stones and crystals are paired with gold and silver in unique combinations. 

Working primarily in silver, the pieces offer classic styles with a contemporary edge. Most importantly, they are exquisitely hand-crafted, with an uncompromising level of quality, that is expected by discerning Ademanta customer.

Our materials are sourced from all around the world to become a design masterpiece in the hands of Swiss craftsmen. We are trying to combine the highest standards of excellence with a spirit of dedication. We strive to turn the wildest dreams into design reality.


This exclusive approach has made Ademanta the destination for men who are completely confident with their own sense of style, and choose our extraordinary pieces to reflect and accentuate their individual approach to fashion.

Discover the all-encompassing collection that we are offering.